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Wopila(thank you) for visiting our website. Check us out on Facebook & Twitter! Anpetu Was’te yuha po(have a good day)! Thank you(wopila) for your help and visiting our website.

   Three weeks ago, KILI Radio broadcast live a Mayor’s Town Hall meeting in Rapid City; the meeting included the U.S. Attorney for South Dakota, Brendan Johnson and the governor’s cabinet secretary for Indian Affairs JR LaPlante; Arlo Iron Cloud handled the broadcast for KILI with the new remote broadcast equipment purchased for KILI Radio by the Brattleboro Rotary Club, it has definitely come in handy, has helped expand the station’s ability to provide better service to our listeners and community members, thank you again.

     KILI Radio uses the new set of microphones in our talk studio every day to help us better handle groups of three or more who come to the station for a show. All of the equipment has really helped the station.

      John Willis delivered three used laptops that the Rotary Club sent out for the station’s use, they are very much appreciated as well.

      The Rotary Club is a long ways from KILI Radio, certainly not in your service area so the station recognizes your commitment and wants you to know it’s very much appreciated.

      KILI Radio station still has needs, we do not have a real broadcast board yet, we are in need of a wheel chair ramp and we have one solar array but our south facing roof has room for at least another array or maybe even two.

      We can’t tell you how much we have appreciated your support, it has been a great help. We try to be there each day for our listeners across Pine Ridge Reservation and we couldn’t do it without the help and assistance from individuals, groups and agencies from across the reservation and sometimes from a long ways away. I hope we are able to continue to work together..


     Thank you very much; wopila tanka!


Donation from Brattleboro Rotary Club